Is learning the addition of a new mental algorithm, or the rewriting of the exiting one?

And just how plastic is our minds, compensation bias acknowledged?

The always entertaining Destin of Smarter Everyday answers these questions as he relearns how to ride a bike. Knowledge DN= Understanding.

A great example of nueroplasticity. Will we confront the rigamortous of the mind? A rolling wheel resists rust.

To Andrew, Ant, Casey, and Ky:

To me, the Pupu Kine lifestyle seeks the embodiment of the ocean and outdoors culture, that elusive recipe for well-being that we all pursue, and  the interconnection that is integral to what it means to be human. I won’t assume we all believe it, but I’ve experienced these ideas first hand.

The greatest challenges that life throws at me becomes sufferable when one applies perspective. And truly, there is a lesson (and a sacredness) within each moment — one that is only discovered when you live gratefully. Central tenants to the Pupu Kine lifestyle, these are the features I believe that the fortunate of us discover at the necessary time.

Pupu Kine didn’t always stand for something so profound. It’s laughable how from joy and a phrase, borned a desire to create, of all things, a clothing company. But as fate would have it, we stumbled upon something much bigger than ourselves; positivity radiates outwards and ‘Stay Positive’ resonates with people in ways unpredictable and unseen. And I find that incredible. I wake up in the morning with the tangible opportunity of a lifetime tucked in my back pocket.

We have grown over the years, both our company and our character alike. But there isn’t a single day of my life, since August 2010, that I haven’t felt this elemental stoke, like the inverted sensation of falling, as if we are perched on the dizzying edge of higher heights! And this is what our potential feels like: Periodically drowning out everything else, hitting me over and over in waves, and revealing purpose through brilliant flickers of light. It is such an insane stoke. A lifestyle of gratitude and positivity connects each of the beliefs we stand for, and a humble brand with a positive message rises from an island chain in the middle of the Pacific.

Every day I consider what we choose to make of our lives. I will not wait to have the conversation of ‘what I would do if I were to die tomorrow’, because I have confronted that question throughout my whole life, in the death and sickness of those I love, and through the day to day suffering and uncertainty I have seen and know to exist. We’ve all suffered in some form. But I will not wait for regret to strike in old age, nor for misfortune to inspire me.

Time is our most precious resource, and realizing it ignites a fire within. Potential is the carrot hanging at the end of the stick that keeps me hungry, up late at night, theorizing madly about what I can contribute to the team, to transform enormous potential into epic positive growth, such that this passion can perpetuate sincere positive vibrations around the world. As life produces more responsibilities and demands more time, more than ever, I do not know how far we will go. But I have faith that when the time is right, we shall.



Pupu Kine is a lifestyle rooted in nature and inspired by the power of the positive mind. Through emphasizing perspective and gratitude, our goal is to inspire others to live the Pupu Kine way.

We are all united by a common journey, seeking well-being and meaning. No matter where you may stand in your life, positivity guides the way. Pupu Kine: Stay Positive.

1. To experience life to its fullest by keeping things in perspective and staying grateful throughout.

2. To never forget our roots; the inspiration and influence that is Mother Nature and the Ocean.

3. To make a difference by spreading posivibes through the community via unique products and sincere community involvement.




To This Day by Shane Koyczan

An all time favorite poem and performance. The art and music gives me chicken skin!

I got the opportunity to see Sarah Kay in person earlier this year. Awestruck! Four years ago, she shared her art with the world at a TED talk.

My notes:

  • there is something to be treasured about our emotional youth
  • we must remind ourselves that ultimately we define ourselves, not others
  • speak from the heart, and the connection follows suit
  • the insane power of poetry to storytell and project feeling to another



Weight of Our Words

To This Day reminded me of a thought process from way back when. Whether anticipating a test or playing a sport, we tend to toss around phrases like “I will give my best” or “I gave 100%” very liberally. And every time someone says these words, I wince. These are simple banalities, but I realize that there are times that we abuse them.

For better or worse, we are responsible for the weight of our words. Sometimes illogically so. For example, I hold the phrase “I will give my best” to such sacred heights, that I never came across a situation that could warrant its use.

I would think to myself how “giving 100%” is to go beyond mere human effort. The giving of one’s best is synchronous to the limits of your imagination. Your best is colliding against physical walls, and somehow pushing through them; It’s arriving at the mental breaking point and still, one presses deeper. Surely, to give 100% is to die from the exertion. We’ve only got one shot to give 100%, I thought, I must spend it carefully.

I finally made peace, pushing aside the literal interpretation. I consoled my thoughts with the voice of reason: “Giving 100%” is just a convenient adage we mix into our daily vernacular. Like ‘infinity’ – it’s a concept that is conceptually graspable, but in practice, impossible to attain.

Today, I celebrate the fact that, I will tend to prescribe the phrase with such enormous gravity. My definition of 100% is the ruler to which I can measure my word. So when I do pull that phrase out from the back pocket, you can bet that I will chase the impossible with “everything I’ve got.”

We are inexplicably, immeasurably, irrevocably intertwined.

But before we can have that conversation, we must work to understand the current condition of our world, namely how human life interacts and how it is changing.

Informing oneself is a tricky dance because fact and myth are both players in the game. Naturally, I’ve sought resources that could keep me up to date with empirical information. This page includes some of the best resources I’ve come across, and hopefully they will be useful to you too.

  • Global Issues – Aims to show how world issues are interconnected.  First stop should be global
  • The World Bank is an indispensable resource for grasping global trends in economic, educational, environmental, and human health.
  • The idea behind FiveThirtyEight is to provide articles on politics, culture, science, etc. biased heavily on statistical means –
  • The resource for data on labor in the United States. I’ve found myself here for career related searches –
  • Check out this site which uses formula that estimate population trends, here are “live” scrolling updates of change –
  • If happiness is the meaning of life, well-being is its measure –
  • Here is Google’s take on interpreting all things human. After you have garnered an interest in a specific field, seek to interpret it with Google’s graphing plugins –


With all these resources, it begs the question ‘where should my priorities be?’.

  1. First and foremost, world peace begins with inner peace. Taking care of Self brings unseen positive change for all.
  2. The first step is the most important. If you consider, no matter how small, a step in the right direction is helping us to get where we need to be.
  3. Consultation of multiple sources is critical if critical analysis is to begin. From there the internet has opened up our world to the opportunity to educate ourselves and become global citizens.

I’ll leave you with some entertaining “shock” sources!



EDIT: I’ve expanded this post to include resources to contribute to change. Just don’t forget that not all causes are created equalnot all conclusions are accurate; not all positions are priority (click below)!


  • – Just type in “Volunteering Opportunities.” Reviews and local search engine all-in-one.
  • Google One – Provides the dual utility of making donations accessible and social.
  • I recommend checking any donation against a couple of resources to verify an organization’s credibility: and


A shoutout to a younger self that believed in the importance of the youthful perspective.

This past winter, I was offered a position to coach intermediate soccer at ‘Iolani School. T’was a short season, but one rich with cool lessons. Far from comprehensive, this list represents a snapshot of the lessons I’ve learned while stradling a vivid recollection of my childhood experiences as a player and the fresh experiences as a coach:

  1. Warrant respect, and teaching is much easier. 7th and 8th graders are receptive learners under gentle guidance.
  2. How to motivate kids with varied goals. Place the emphasis on team and small measurable outcomes.
  3. How to give constructive feedback. Make sure to balance positive feedback with suggestions. Allow variation in comments to reflect urgency.
  4. Position amongst the team. Leadership by example, and finding a role in a coaching team to achieving holistic goals.
  5. Prioritizing fun and competition, especially placing the interest of the keiki above self. Personalize the experience.


On the definition of the Beauty of Learning:

For me, it’s reliving the discovery that every discipline that we have been taught in school is, in fact, fundamentally interwoven. It’s sharing the epiphany that someone has felt what you have felt, and the whole spectrum of human emotion has the capacity to exist within every individual we meet. It’s grasping that the history of human experiences and thoughts, throughout millenia, have survived, and have merely been repackaged and inherited. We are collected bits of information colliding in unique combinations on a passing solar wind.

Down the microscope, peering into the nano-verse, through quantum loopholes, and beyond the implausible scales of the plank constant and the googleplex, turbulent socialogical tidal waves are assimilated by ripples yet unseen. A girl contemplates the stars, a butterfly flaps its wings. The light cradled by our retinas, fed through an electric network of neurons, into the vast auditorium within the mind is being objectified by a finicky being known as “I” or “conciousness.”  There we shield ourselves from the magnificient consequence of the theories of evolution and thermodynamics and physics. Questions on the origins of life meet the laws that describe behaviors of energy and matter. With this foundation, we are able to create the technological marvels that redefine our reality.

When we take a step back to see the places that our words and media itself can take us, we find poetry that takes us through the forests of lush mountains, film that relays a story of tragedy, and music and art that makes the soul sing. Language as the means for communication, spirituality as our means to connection. The Existence, the Presense, and the Eternal.

The Beauty of Learning.. To me, it trancends emotion: it is a indescribable gift. Rational definitions fail to contain it. To think that we have the ability to think, is mind-blowing. To consider that we have the opportunity to reach out and grab it is earth-shattering. To know it all is probably God. But I regress, this life is too precious, let’s go explore!